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Credit by Examination
Full-time students who have gained knowledge of the content of courses through independent study or experience may, with the approval of the appropriate department and the Associate Dean of the College, receive credit by special examination. Credit may not be earned for a seminar, a practicum, or an independent study or research course; nor may a student be examined on a course for which he or she has previously registered for credit or as an auditor. Credit by examination may not be used to fulfill the laboratory science requirement in general education. A student may receive no more than 32 hours of credit from all extra-course examinations including Advanced Placement, CLEP, and the International Baccalaureate Program.
Students should consult the appropriate department well in advance of the anticipated examination. Professors will advise students of course requirements and standards but are under no obligation to provide additional help. Credit by examination for a course may be attempted only twice. In all cases, credit must be attained before the last semester or last full summer session in residence. Information on fees and other aspects of credit by examination is found in the ACADEMIC INFORMATION section of this catalog.