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Participation in Commencement Ceremonies
Only those students who are in a position to complete all requirements for graduation by the end of the spring semester may participate in the commencement ceremony for that academic year. Students to whom degrees have already been awarded during the current academic year (i.e., at the end of the previous summer or fall semester) may also participate in that year’s commencement ceremony.
In extraordinary situations, a student, who requires no more than 12 credit hours for graduation and plans to complete the degree requirements during the summer session immediately following commencement, may petition the Office of the Registrar for special consideration to participate in the commencement ceremony.
Graduate students may participate according to the policies of their individual schools or colleges. (See “Graduate Studies” section.)
Participation in the graduation ceremony does not necessarily represent conferral of the degree. Degrees are awarded at the end of the terms in which all requirements are met. Students may participate in only one ceremony for each degree sought.