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Graduation with Honors
Candidates for bachelor’s degrees with a grade-point average of 3.50 will receive their degrees cum laude; those with an average of 3.70, magna cum laude; and those with 3.85, summa cum laude. To be eligible for honors, a student must have earned a minimum of 32 semester hours and at least a 3.50 GPA at Mercer. In determining the GPA’s of students with any transfer credit, the total average and the Mercer average separately will be evaluated, and the student will be given the standing of the lower of these two averages. All college work attempted, including D’s and F’s for which transfer credit has not been awarded, will be included in the calculation of the cumulative grade point average for graduation with honors.
A student, who by virtue of a grade or grades made in repeated work achieves an overall grade point average that would otherwise qualify him or her for graduation with honors, will not be considered eligible to receive honors.
A student who has been found responsible for an Honor Code violation is not eligible to graduate with honors.
Departmental Honors
Departmental honors may be conferred independently of all other distinctions. They are designed to recognize students who have distinguished themselves in the departments of their majors; they will not be announced at graduation, but a notation of departmental honors will be entered on the students’ permanent records. The specific requirements for each department’s honors are listed in this catalog with the course requirements for the major, and details may be obtained from department chairs.