MaconCatalog : Academic Information : Academic Warning, Probation, and Suspension
Academic Warning, Probation, and Suspension
The minimum standard for satisfactory academic achievement is a grade point average of 2.0 for undergraduate students. Anything below this minimum puts the student's academic career in jeopardy. Within these guidelines a school may have additional procedures due to special programs. Notations of warning, probation, and suspension will be added to the transcript.
1. Warning An academic warning shall be issued to students whose cumulative average is below 2.0. A student with an academic warning may return to academic good standing by achieving a cumulative average of 2.0 or higher.
2. Probation Students with a cumulative average below those listed in the following table will immediately incur the status of academic probation. Students with probationary status may be subject to specific conditions in order to enroll.
Total Hours
Minimum Cumulative
Grade Point Average:
(Students below 2.0 but at or above the averages listed in the table will continue to be warned.)
3. Suspension Students academically suspended from the university are neither permitted to enroll in any courses nor to participate in any university related activities. Students who fail to fulfill the conditions of their probationary status may be suspended. Students who fail to meet the required minimum cumulative grade point average on three consecutive occasions (including the summer term) will be subject to suspension for one term. Also, any full-time student who fails to pass a minimum of three hours in any term will be subject to academic suspension. Additionally, students who have demonstrated an inability to complete the special academic requirements of their chosen program of study may be suspended. Students may be re-admitted to the university with permission from an academic dean.
For new transfer students completing their first term at Mercer, only hours earned at Mercer that term will be considered for determining academic standing. In subsequent terms, total hours earned will include transfer credit and hours earned at Mercer. In all cases, only Mercer hours are used to calculate the cumulative grade point average.