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Class Attendance
The demand for registration in many undergraduate courses exceeds the enrollment
capacity, with the result that these classes often "close" during the early and open registration periods. Some courses carry "Wait Lists" for students interested in registering for these courses should space become available. It is mandatory that students attend classes on the first class day of the semester. Students who are absent on the first class day who have not made prior arrangements with the instructor may be disenrolled from the course in order to allow registration of students on wait lists. Instructors monitor class attendance from the class start date through the official University census date, approximately 15 days minimum. This information is used to establish University enrollment counts.
Regular class attendance is expected in most courses. Faculty announce their expectations about attendance in course syllabi and in the handbook policies of the college of study. Special attendance policies pertain to students who observe religious practices; can document illnesses, family emergencies, or military obligations. The disposition of missed assignments will be arranged between instructor and student. If a mutually satisfactory solution is not reached, the right to establish a reasonable alternative is reserved to the instructor. Students who feel that their academic performance will be compromised by the alternative arrangement may appeal to the Office of the Dean of the college or school providing the course to review the instructor’s decision. Instructors with concerns or questions regarding the legitimacy of a student’s excuse should consult with the Office of the Dean of their college or school. A student with circumstances that require confidentiality and/or sensitivity may see the Associate Dean of Students or Associate Dean of their academic program for assistance in lieu of talking directly with faculty.
Mercer University is respectful of the religious practices of members of the student body. Students who will be absent from class for religious observances must confer with their instructor(s) regarding the date of the absence at the beginning of each semester or session, or at least two weeks prior to the dates of the absence.
Students engaged in University sponsored activities, such as athletic participation, music ensembles, and debate team, are allowed a set number of excused absences, not to exceed 20% of class meetings. These students enrolled in classes that meet on Monday-Wednesday-Friday (MWF) may not exceed 9 absences. These students enrolled in classes that meet on Tuesday-Thursday (TR) may not exceed 6 absences. Each absence must be reported to the instructor prior to its occurrence. Absences are taken only to accommodate students as they represent the University in the event. The allowed absences do not include practices or preparation times. Absences for post-season tournament play are allowed in addition to those during the regular season
Students providing documentation from an off-campus medical provider for illnesses are excused from attending class during the period defined by the physician/psychologist. Absences are not officially excused unless such documentation is presented in a timely manner.
Students confronted with family emergencies or legal or military obligations may be officially excused from classes if reasonable documentation is presented in a timely manner.
Students required by graduate or professional schools to participate in an interview for admission, or by prospective employers to apply for full-time post-graduate employment, may be officially excused from classes if reasonable documentation is presented in a timely manner.