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Class Auditing Regulations
Full and part-time students who audit courses are expected to be seriously interested in the courses for which they enroll. An official entry of “audit” on a student’s permanent academic record shall be made only if 75 percent of the classes are attended. Once registered in an audited course, students have the opportunity to change the registration of the course for credit through the end of the designated add/drop period. Courses that a student audits may not later be taken by that student for credit, nor may the student receive credit-by-exam for these courses. Auditors submit no daily work, take no examinations, and receive no credit for courses audited. They may participate in the class discussion only with the permission of the instructor. No full or part-time student may audit internships, practicums, or experiential learning courses, unless the dean or associate dean of the respective college or school grants special permission.
Full-time students may register to audit a course with the approval of the instructor and the Associate Dean. Audit permission is not an option available to students in the College of Health Professions or College of Pharmacy. Fees assessed for the audit and conditions for eligibility vary, so students interested in pursuing possible audit opportunities need to refer to the department specific regulations found in their College Handbook.