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Academic Loads
An academic load of 12 semester hours qualifies a student for full-time status, which is necessary to fully qualify for scholarships and financial aid. First year students will be enrolled in no more than 16 credit hours during the first term. The number of credit hours for first year students during the first semester will range from 12 to 16. After the first term, 15 to 16 hours of credit each semester or 30 to 32 credit hours per year is typical and can allow students to complete specific degrees at the end of four academic years.
After the first semester in residence, students with a cumulative grade point average of B (3.0) or higher are a student may enroll for more than 18 but not more than 20 semester hours in the following semester. The appropriate dean must approve course overloads, and the cumulative average of B must be maintained to retain the privilege of taking overloads in succeeding terms. A student whose cumulative grade point average is C (2.0) or higher may have the privilege to take a course overload during one term of the senior year to make up a deficiency in hours.
(For course load information for graduate students, see the Graduate Studies section.)