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Repeating Courses
A student may repeat a course in order to earn credit for the course or improve the grade. No course may be taken more than twice in the undergraduate program. A maximum of four courses may be repeated. INT 101 and GBK 101, courses designated as first-year courses, may only be repeated during the sophomore year. UNV 101 may not be repeated.
Students who are repeating courses in an attempt to meet minimum graduation requirements for grade point averages in their major, minor, and/or school or college, or who have other extenuating circumstances, must have the appropriate associate dean’s permission to exceed the four course limit. See Graduation With Honors section of this catalog. Enrollment documents for such courses will carry the notation of “repeat” next to the course, and this notation will appear also on the class roll and the student’s permanent record. Credit hours will be granted only once for any given course. The grade recorded in the final attempt at taking the course will prevail. The final grade will be used in computing the student’s cumulative grade point average whether the grade is higher or lower than any previous grade(s) earned for this course. The previous grade(s) will not be deleted from the permanent record. If the original course is no longer a part of the curriculum, an equivalent course may be substituted on the authority of the appropriate associate dean.
When a course is repeated, the student is subject to the catalog restriction on the total number of credit hours that may be taken in a single term. With an associate dean’s approval, a student who has a C average or above may, in extraordinary circumstances, be allowed to take the “repeat” course as an overload. A course may be repeated on an audit basis if a student chooses to do so. A withdrawal grade or an audit in the repeat of a course does not serve to delete the computation of the previous grade(s).
Courses originally taken on a letter grade basis may not be repeated on a satisfactory/unsatisfactory basis.
Courses taken at another institution will not be accepted as Mercer “repeat” credit.