MaconCatalog : Academic Information : Registration
Registration is required for admission to any class. According to the University’s policies, students may not register if they have unpaid financial obligations, including library or Campus Housing fees, or if they have unresolved issues with their immunization records. Students are required to meet with their advisors prior to registration. In addition to the advisor’s approval/signature, students should obtain any other signatures/permissions required for special circumstances, such as a dean’s signature for overloads or the instructor’s signature for independent study or internships, etc. Students should consult the catalog and the current schedule of classes for any prerequisites and special requirements for specific courses, as well as instructions for registration procedures.
There are three registration periods each semester. Following the mid-term of each semester, a one- to two-week period of priority registration occurs for currently enrolled students. A registration time is assigned to each student based on the student’s total hours earned as of the end of the preceding semester; this is the earliest, but not the only, time at which the student may register. Shortly following the conclusion of priority registration, open registration begins, during which readmitted and new students may also register. Open registration ends when the new semester begins. When classes begin, late registration and the drop/add period continue for the first four (4) days of the term.
Students are responsible for their registration, and for the corresponding fees and charges incurred. Students cross-registering for courses outside their college/school of enrollment will continue to pay the tuition rate of their home college/school for those courses. Students must notify the Office of the Registrar in writing, before classes begin, should they be unable to attend any or all classes for which they are registered. A continuous registration status is expected. Students who fail to register for subsequent terms (excluding summer), and who fail to notify the Registrar in writing of their intention not to return, forfeit their registration and housing deposits.
Please note that people who attend classes but are not officially registered cannot retroactively register or receive grades or credits for those courses.