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Academic Advising
Academic advising is integral to a student’s educational experience at Mercer University. Each student is assigned an academic advisor. Academic advisors can assist students in various academic areas and acquaint students with a wide array of campus resources. Students meet with their advisors throughout the year to plan their academic programs and evaluate their progress. Advisors are critical in helping a student make certain that all educational requirements are met. Thus, a student is given the opportunity to meet with his or her advisor each semester prior to registration to review the student’s choice of courses. Additionally, a student is encouraged to confer with the advisor when a change to his or her schedule becomes necessary (e.g., during the drop/add period or when withdrawing from a course).
Most first-year students are advised by the instructor of their UNV 101 course. Spending time in class with the student allows the advisor to better assess the student’s interests and goals and to get to know the student better. Transfer students are assigned advisors during their first semester, based on their academic areas of interest. Upon declaring or changing a major, a student will receive a new advisor in that academic area.
Academic advising is coordinated by the Office of Academic and Advising Services. Its staff members are readily available to provide academic assistance to students. Students experiencing academic difficulties or considering withdrawal from the University are encouraged to meet with a representative of this office. Most academic forms may also be obtained in this office, located on the first floor of Penfield Hall. Students may also contact the office at (478) 301-2078.