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Grading System and Quality Points
Cumulative grade point averages are computed using a quality point system. The interpretation of the letter grades and their quality point values is as follows:
Quality Points
Per Credit Hour
Failure-Quit Attending/Never Attended
Withdrawal Failure
Absent from final examination (excused)
Incomplete due to some requirement other than the final examination (excused)
In Progress
Withdrawal/Withdrawal Military
Grade Not Reported
* These grades are not calculated in the GPA.
**Grades of D may not be awarded for graduate students.
Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory (S/U) Grade
Some courses are offered only on the basis of satisfactory/unsatisfactory grading; this grading option is stated in course descriptions. Students in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, College of Education, the School of Business, and School of Music may elect the S/U option in certain courses. For policies on this option, see the catalog section about each of these schools/colleges.
Hours earned with a satisfactory grade will be added to the total required for graduation, but will not affect the cumulative grade point average; an unsatisfactory grade will result in no hours earned and in no penalty to the cumulative grade point average.
The satisfactory grade requires a standard of achievement equivalent to that which is usually awarded the grade of C or better. The purpose of this grade option is to give students the opportunity to expand their knowledge and to satisfy interests outside of their fields of chosen concentration without placing themselves in academic jeopardy.
Students who elect the S/U option must officially declare the decision no later than the end of the drop/add period, and they cannot change this decision after the drop/add period. Courses originally taken on a letter grade basis may not be repeated on an S/U basis.
ABX and Incomplete
The grade of ABX or ABXSU denotes that the student was absent from the scheduled final examination because of sickness or another valid and compelling reason that is satisfactory to the instructor. A special examination, to take the place of the one missed, must be taken no later than mid-term of the next semester, or the ABX grade will be changed to the grade of F, and ABXSU will be changed to U.
The grade of IC or ICSU (incomplete) means the student is passing the class but some relatively small part of the semester’s work remains incomplete because of illness or another valid and compelling reason that is satisfactory to the instructor. All course work in an undergraduate class must be completed no later than mid-term of the following semester, or the IC grade will be changed to a grade of F, and grade of ICSU will be changed to U.
If a student receives an IC in a graduate class, the work for the class must be completed within 12 months after the IC was assigned or the IC will be changed to a grade of F.
All ABX and IC grades must be replaced with traditional grades before degrees can be awarded.
In Progress (IP)
The IP (In Progress) grade is assigned only in courses that require completion of the assigned work beyond the end of the semester. An IP grade may not be given in place of a grade of “incomplete” (IC). To qualify for an IP grade, courses must be approved by the appropriate dean’s office. All grades of IP will be converted to F (failure) if the work is not completed in one calendar year from the time the IP grade is assigned.
Grade Appeals
If a student disagrees with an assigned course grade, the student is required to initiate an appeal with the appropriate faculty member no later than 30 days from the completion of the term in which the course was offered. Appeals received after the 30-day period will not be honored.
Grade Reports
Mercer University does not automatically mail grade reports to students. Students may check their semester grades on-line through MyMercer as soon as the grades are posted. After ALL grades are posted, official semester grade reports will be mailed only to those students who have requested them. Requests for official copies of grade reports must be made through MyMercer during the last two weeks of a semester; a request must be made every semester that a student wants a report mailed to him/her (i.e., making a request one semester does not mean that you will automatically have a grade report mailed to you each of the following semesters). If a student does not order a grade report during the allotted two weeks at the end of a semester, the student will need to request a transcript in order to receive an (add: official copy of his/her grades.)