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General Education
Mercer University’s founding vision, articulated by Jesse Mercer in the 1830s, dedicates us to promote free inquiry, religious liberty, and inclusiveness values consonant with Baptist heritage. University President William D. Underwood underscored that vision in 2006, noting that “the extent to which a university transforms the lives of individual students, who in turn transform their communities, represents the ultimate measure of a university’s greatness.” To put this transformative vision into practice within the communities we serve, a Mercer University education emphasizes experiences that infuse intellectual growth, cultural understanding, civic responsibility, and moral discernment with practical competencies.
The distinctiveness of their programs and traditions notwithstanding, Mercer University’s undergraduate colleges and schools share learning goals and competencies that reflect Mercer’s mission to educate the whole person. These undergird the General Education Curricula, which provide the necessary foundation for disciplined study and lifelong learning.
General Education is designed to help students cultivate and refine habits of mind that prepare them to contribute constructively and meaningfully to society. Toward this end, General Education strives to instill in persons broader perspectives while empowering them to find fuller and richer citizenship in a world in which different cultures, social institutions, and technologies intersect in multiple and diverse ways.
Four Student Goals of General Education
A Mercer education is designed to foster intellectual growth, cultural understanding, civic responsibility, and moral discernment. Critical thinking is essential to attaining these goals and is demonstrated in and through the exercise and development of the following practical competencies:
Communicating effectively in writing
Communicating effectively orally
Reasoning quantitatively
Analyzing observed phenomena through the use of scientific reasoning
Critical thinking from diverse perspectives
In accordance with the University’s accrediting body and in collaboration with the faculty of the colleges and schools, these competencies are built through satisfactory completion of the following requirements.