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Ministerial Assistance Funds
MINISTERIAL FUNDS - Mercer offers scholarship assistance to qualifying students planning a career in full-time Christian service. These funds, which have been provided through the very generous gifts of friends and alumni of the University, are listed below. Application for these funds is the same as for all other funds administered directly through the University (i.e., the FAFSA is required). In addition, ministerial application is required which includes an annual letter from the student's pastor, stating that the pastor is aware of the student's future career plans, and an annual letter of intent from the student. Please see your Financial Planning Counselor for further information on this scholarship and to obtain an application. All students receiving ministerial aid funds are required to successfully complete at least one course in Religion annually; and they must meet annually with the University Minister to renew their career goals in the field of full-time Christian Service.
Ministerial Scholarships
Adams Scholarship
Jessup Scholarship
P.H. Anderson Scholarship
L.B. and C.H. Knight Scholarship
Tift I.W. Bowen Scholarship
Light Memorial Scholarship
Bertha M. Crawford Scholarship
B.K. MacDougall Scholarship
Guy L. Cummings Scholarship
John & Neva Mowell Scholarship
Edwards Scholarship
L.D. Newton Scholarship
First Baptist Church of Columbus
Posey Scholarship
M.E. Fountain Scholarship
Pruitt Scholarship
Giddens Ministerial Scholarship
Seigler Scholarship
General Ministerial Funds
Skelton Scholarship
General M.A. Scholarship
Cutts Smith Scholarship
Hardman Scholarship
Stubbs Scholarship
John B. Hardman
Thomas Scholarship
Holcomb Scholarship
Van Deventer Scholarship
Hughes Scholarship
Jackson Scholarship
Vineyard Memorial Scholarship