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How to Apply for Financial Assistance
For a student to be considered for every type of assistance available (i.e., Federal, State, and University sources), a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) must be submitted each year. Students may complete the FAFSA on the Web at
Students may begin completing the FAFSA in October for the following academic year. Mercer's priority deadline for receipt of the FAFSA is April 1st each year. Forms received after that date will be given consideration as long as funds remain available. Because the FAFSA can take a few weeks processing time, we recommend that this form be submitted to the Federal Processor no later than February 1st each year, for Mercer to receive your results by our priority deadline of April 1st. The FAFSA application must be renewed each year.
Full-time undergraduate students who are legal residents of Georgia will be considered for the Georgia Tuition Equalization Grant, HOPE, and Zell Scholarship, (if eligible) upon completion of the FAFSA application. If a student does not wish to complete a FAFSA, a Georgia Scholarship Grant Application (GSFAPPS) must be completed online at
Summer Term-Mercer. A separate summer Financial Aid Application is not required for the summer term. Summer is normally considered the end of the academic year and awards are made based on remaining eligibility. Students are awarded as they register.