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General Information
Books: Books and other supplies are available at the Mercer Bookstore. The cost of books varies with the courses of study and course load. Based on historical costs, we estimate $1,200 for books per year.
Parking Fee: No fees are charged for University parking. However, parking decals are required and may be obtained from Mercer Police. Unauthorized or illegal parking violations are subject to fines set by Mercer Police, and vehicle impoundment. Failure to pay parking fines and penalties will result in the student being denied transcripts and clearance to register for further classes. Students disputing parking fines should contact Mercer Police.
Miscellaneous Fees: Fees or fines may be imposed for dorm or property damage, library fines, honor code violations, and campus safety violations.
Fire, theft, and damage to personal property: The University assumes no responsibility for damages or loss of personal property due to fire, theft, or other causes.
Student Identification: All Mercer students are required to have a valid student identification card. A validated I.D. is required for check cashing, dining hall, and library privileges.