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Book Vouchers
Title IV regulations require that Mercer University provide our students with the ability to purchase books no later than the seventh day of the semester. As a result, Mercer offers our students the option to receive a book advance up to a maximum of $600 per semester. Title IV book advances can be processed in the form of a Bear Card transfer or the student’s refund method chosen in Nelnet. In order to qualify for a book advance, those students receiving Title IV aid must meet the following criteria:
Title IV aid (only) must create a credit over and above the cost of tuition and fees, housing and meals
All financial aid documentation must be completed, and aid must be eligible to be disbursed, no later than ten (10) days before the start of the term
Students must be enrolled at least half-time in a credit program
The amount of the advance cannot exceed the amount of the student’s credit, or $600 per term, without supporting documentation to show why additional funds are necessary
Deadlines for requests vary each semester and can be found on the Book Funds Request Form and the Bursar’s website. Students who do not meet the above eligibility requirements may still request a Bear Card transfer to use at the University bookstore.