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Bear Card Transfers
Students may transfer excess financial aid funds, or out-of-pocket payments, to their Mercer University Bear Card, for use in the bookstore, vending machines, and laundry facilities as well as other on- and off-campus locations.* In order to have excess financial aid transferred to your BearCard, a completed BearCard transfer request form must be submitted to the Bursar’s Office prior to the disbursement of your financial aid. These forms can be obtained at the Bursar website,, or in our office. Approved BearCard request forms will be processed no earlier than one week prior to the first day of class each semester. When excess financial aid credits are used, the amount of the BearCard transfer cannot exceed the amount of the credit on a student’s account, or $600 per term, without supporting documentation to show why additional funds are necessary. There is no dollar limit on BearCard transfers for out-of-pocket payments.
All funds transferred to the BearCard are non-refundable except upon graduation or withdrawal from Mercer University. BearCard funds cannot be withdrawn through a bank ATM. In the event a student loses financial aid eligibility, the student will be liable for all balances due to the University and excess BearCard funds may be rescinded and reapplied to your student account.
*For a complete list of locations that accept the BearCard as payment, please visit