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Refunds and Stipends
All payments made by or on behalf of a student shall be receipted to his/her account. Refundable credit balances are processed on a regular basis by the Office of the Bursar. Credit balances resulting from overpayment by credit card payment will be refunded to the credit card. Credit balances resulting from financial aid will be refunded to the student through their Student Choice Refund option. A student may select their method of refund/stipend through their MyMercer student portal. Mercer currently offers Direct Deposit, Reloadable Prepaid Debit Card, or paper check. Paper checks are the default refund method and are mailed to the address listed on the Student’s Master file. Each student is responsible for ensuring his/her address is accurate to avoid delays in receiving their check. The Bursar Office encourages students to enroll in Direct Deposit to ensure the fastest and most efficient handling of their refunds. If a credit balance is created by a Parent PLUS Loan, the refund will be mailed via a paper check to the borrower of the loan.
Uncashed Check Policy
If a school attempts to disburse the credit balance from federal funds by check and the check is not cashed, the Bursar’s Office will return the funds to the Department of Education no later than 240 days after the date the check was issued. If a Direct Deposit of federal funds is rejected or a check returned to the school, the Bursar’s Office may make another attempt to disburse the funds or the funds must be returned no later than 45 days after the rejection date. Any refunds that are rejected or returned and are generated by non-federal funds will be reattempted for five (5) years. After this timeframe, refunds will be escheated to the State.
Refund Appeals
Any exception to the University Refund Policy requires a written appeal by the student to the Refund Appeals Committee. Letters must be submitted, along with any supporting documentation, to the University Bursar by the beginning of the semester following the one in dispute. The committee meets each semester and responds in writing. This is the student’s final venue of appeal.