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Payment Methods
Tuition, special fees, housing, and other assessments may be paid by cash, check, or money order (made payable to Mercer University,) or via e-check or credit card payment made online through the student’s MyMercer portal. Students paying by credit card will be assessed a convenience fee by the credit card processor. E-check payments are free. The Bursar Office is unable to accept coin payments in excess of five dollars.
Students will be notified of their anticipated amounts of financial aid by way of award notifications or letters from the Office of Student Financial Planning. Balances not covered by Financial Aid are due by the first day of the semester.
In an ongoing effort to assist our students and their families with budgeting educational expenses, Mercer offers a Monthly Payment Plan that allows a student to pay tuition in monthly installments throughout the semester. Also, students who receive company reimbursement may be eligible to participate in our Employer Tuition Assistance Payment Plan. More information concerning these payment options may be obtained by visiting our website at, or by contacting the Office of the Bursar.
Payment of tuition and fees is the responsibility of the student, regardless of sponsorship by his or her employer. To avoid late fees and being placed on registration and transcript hold, payment arrangements should be made by the first day of each semester.