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Billing and Fee Payment
Electronic tuition statements are accessible through the Pay and Manage My Account link in their MyMercer account. Notification emails are sent to the student’s official Mercer email address when new statements are posted. Tuition is always due by the first day of the semester.
Only those students who register for a given semester during early registration will be billed for the semester in advance. Accounts may later be adjusted and rebilled based on changes in class schedules and financial aid awards. Students who are not early registered and billed prior to the beginning of the semester must be prepared to pay tuition and fees at the time they register. A monthly $50 fee will be charged for late payment.
If a student is registered for a particular semester but elects not to attend, the student must officially notify the Registrar. Non-attendance does not cancel charges and the student will be held financially accountable. Students will be charged tuition and fees for all attempted hours, regardless of completion. In order to obtain a refund of 100% tuition and fees, the student must drop their courses during the drop/add period of the given semester. Please see "Refund Policy" for further details.
PLEASE NOTE: If payment arrangements have not been made by the first day of the term, the student’s registration is subject to cancellation. The University reserves the right to deny access to, or use of, University facilities to any student with an outstanding balance.
Official correspondence, notices, and bills from the Bursar Office will be sent to the student’s official Mercer designated email address.
Audit Fee
Certain programs allow students to audit courses. Please see the University Audit Fee Schedule for additional information. Full-time rates are based on nine (9) semester credit hours for graduate students and twelve (12) semester credit hours for undergraduate students.
Course Fee
Additional fees may be assessed for special course requirements.