MaconCatalog : Financial Information
Financial Information
Tuition and Fees
2020-21 Academic Year Only
Undergraduate Programs
Cost per Semester
Tuition and Fees – Per Semester
The tuition and fees listed above cover semester course loads from 12 through 18 credit hours. Course loads under 12 credit hours will be charged on a per-credit-hour basis. Any course load greater than 18 hours will be charged at the above listed full-time rate PLUS a per-credit-hour charge for each hour greater than 18 credit hours. These rates and the 12 through 18 credit hour rate structure are applicable to the Fall through Spring academic year. Summer rates are charged on a strict per-hour basis.
Per-credit-hour rate for the 2020-21 academic year
Graduate Programs and Professional Programs
Cost per Credit Hour
College of Health Professions
Masters in Athletic Training (per semester)
Special Fees by Course:
Equipment and Supplies Fee
CHP AT 510
NATA Membership
CHP AT 551, 651
College of Education
Master of Education (MED)
Non-degree Education
Student Teaching Special Fees by Course
EDUC 676, 679, ESTM 674, EDEL 637, 638
EDUC 410A, EMAT 610A
EDUC 102B, 201A, 202B, 275A, 275B, 398, 399, ELAD 483, EMAT 601, 676, EDEL 645A, 645B, 724, 725
EDUC 410B, EMAT 610B
EDUC 311A, 311B, 313B, 480, 485, 488, 499, ELAD 484, 486, EMAT 608, 609, 613, 684, 685
EMAT 611B, 612B
EDUC 489, 492, 496, 498, EMAT 603, 611, 612, 686
Reciprocity Fee
Educational Leadership Academy Fee (per semester-PhD students excluded)
Additional Field Experience Fee
School of Engineering
Master of Engineering
Master of Science in Technical Communication Management
School of Law
Per Year
School of Medicine
Doctor of Medicine – Per Year
Master of Family Therapy (MSR/MFT)
Master of Preclinical Science
Master of Biomedical Science
School of Music
Master of Music
Special Fees:
Applied Music: Voice, Piano, Organ, Band Instrument, Composition (per course)
One half-hour lesson per week
One sixty-minute lesson per week
(These fees are in addition to the course tuition charged.)
Miscellaneous Fees
Audit Fee
Part-time students
$150 each course
Full-time students
no charge for one audit per semester
Law School students
No charge for approved courses
Assessed at half the credit-hour rate for each credit hour awarded
Co-Op Fees
Contact the appropriate school for additional information
Facilities and Technology Fee:
Undergraduate students enrolled
12 hours or more
Undergraduate students enrolled
11 hours or less
$12.50 per credit hour
Graduate and Prof students enrolled 9 hours or more
Graduate and Prof students enrolled 8 hours or less
$17.00 per credit hour
Laboratory Fee (charged each semester per designated laboratory class)
(The specific courses to which the fee applies will be designated in the Annual Schedule of Classes. Fees may be assessed for some courses not yet determined and included in this catalog. Physical Education Lab Fees vary widely based on the activity.)
Late Fee Payment (assessed monthly)
Late Registration Fee
Health Insurance Premium
Contact Bursar Office for current rates
Online Payment Plan Enrollment Fee (per semester)
Registration Reinstatement Fee
Returned Check
$50 or 1% of the face value of the check, whichever is greater
Returned checks must be paid by cash, money order, or certified check.
(Note: following two returned checks, students are placed on a "cash only basis.")
Transcript Related Fees
Transcript Fee (for two to five-day service)
no charge
Transcript on Demand (immediate service)
Document Faxing Fee
Please note that the above listed tuition rates and miscellaneous fees are for the 2020-2021 academic year and are subject to change without prior notice. Students cross-registering for courses outside their college/school of enrollment will continue to pay the tuition rate of their home college/school for those courses.