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Student Government
Mercer University recognizes the significant role of students in institutional decision-making. Students in the University’s schools and colleges serve with faculty and staff on many committees. Student Government Association serves as the official voice of the students and as a liaison with the administration and faculty.
The executive branch of the Student Government Association is comprised of eight student body officers. The standing committees of SGA are: Student Affairs, Organizational Affairs, Campus Safety and Improvements, Public Relations and Elections, and Heritage Life. These committees are open to all students.
The legislative branch of student government is the senate, comprised of five representatives from each class and five senators at large. The senate represents the interests of students in social and academic matters, and funds projects and programs of benefit to the student body and the larger community. SGA encourages all students to attend senate meetings. For more information, visit the SGA office on the main floor of the Connell Student Center or at