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Student Services and Student Life
Student Affairs
Student life is a vital part of the college experience. When extracurricular activities, programs, and organizations are tied closely to a student's academic experience, the impact on the student's learning can be profound. The Division of Student Affairs, led by the Vice President and Dean of Students, is charged with overseeing a majority of these extracurricular programs, and includes the following departments: Counseling and Psychological Services, Housing and Residence Life, Recreational Sports and Wellness, Campus Life (including Fraternity and Sorority Programs, Quadworks, Leadership, and Community Engagement), the Center for Career and Professional Development, Access and Accommodation, Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives, Minority Affairs, and Trio Programs (Student Support Services, Equal Opportunity Center, and Upward Bound). Student Affairs offers a wide range of resources that promote intellectual, cultural, social, vocational, physical, psychological, and spiritual growth.
The Office of the Vice President and Dean of Students is located on the third floor of the Connell Student Center (the Associate Dean for Student Affairs in Atlanta is located in Sheffield Student Center) and operates as the primary location for information on student life. The Office of Student Conduct Resolution is also located in this office and is charged with implementing the Student Code of Conduct and adjudicating student conduct violations. Students are expected to abide by all rules and regulations of the University and to uphold the community standards of the institution. To obtain additional information on these policies and procedures, or to merely request a review of any non-academic student issue or grievance, please contact this office. For additional information: