MaconCatalog : Entering The University : Special Student (Non-Degree) Status
Special Student (Non-Degree) Status
Candidates who have not met all entrance requirements may, under certain conditions, be admitted to the University. These students are not considered to be candidates for degrees. They generally fall into two categories, as described as follows:
Transient Students
Candidates currently enrolled and in good standing at another college or university may be admitted as transient students. A letter from the college or school where the student is currently enrolled must be sent to the Office of University Admissions. The letter must give specific approval for the student to attend Mercer and specify the courses that may be taken.
Candidates may apply for auditor status and enroll in a course(s) as an auditor. Permission of the instructor is required. Auditors are subject to auditing regulations, as described in the “Academic Information” section of this catalog. The audit fee is listed in the “Financial Information” section of the catalog.