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Special Admissions
Home-Educated Applicants
The University works with home-schooled applicants and has established methods to evaluate these students in a manner comparable to other freshman applicants.
For traditional freshman applicants, Mercer requires students to complete a college preparatory curriculum (CPC) from an accredited high school in order to be considered for admission. Students who cannot verify CPC completion with an accredited high school must show academic strength in the CPC subjects through a combination of SAT II, Advanced Placement (AP) exams, college level coursework, and/or a portfolio if requested by the Office of University Admissions. The University uses the SAT or ACT exam results to evaluate a student’s overall academic knowledge.
The required CPC subject areas and units* are:
1. English, 4 units;
2. Mathematics, 4 units, including Algebra II, geometry, and a fourth mathematics for which Algebra II is a prerequisite;
3. Science, 3 units, including lab courses from life and physical sciences;
4. Social studies, 3 units, including American and world studies;
5. Language, 2 units; both units must be in the same language.
The University then reviews the entire file of a home-schooled applicant, in comparison with other applicants, to select the most qualified students for admission.
* A unit is often referred to as a Carnegie Unit and represents a full academic year of credit.
Dual High School Enrollment
Dual high school enrollment may be granted to rising high school juniors and seniors who are enrolled in a high school with a formal partnership agreement with Mercer University and who meet the University’s and their individual high school’s requirements for admission. The student must submit an application for dual enrollment, transcripts, SAT or ACT scores, and recommendations from their high school principal or guidance counselor.
Applicants will be evaluated by the Office of University Admissions on their credentials as well as their letters of recommendation. Notification of acceptance will be sent through the high school guidance counselor’s office and to the student.
Applicants must also file a FERPA form and immunization form with the Office of University Admissions to be enrolled as well as an application for funding through Georgia Futures.
Dual Enrollment at Mercer University
Established by the state of Georgia in 2009, the Dual Enrollment program is designed to allow students additional opportunities to engage in college level courses. Dual Enrolment at Mercer is designed to supplement, not replace, a student’s high school experience. Students participating in Dual Enrollment at Mercer will be limited to part-time status and be able to take a maximum of 6 credit hours per semester. Interested applicants should contact the Office of Admissions for specific eligibility requirements and materials that should be submitted.
Applicants with General Education Diploma (GED)
In limited circumstances, applicants may be considered for admission if they have a General Education Diploma. These applicants must meet the following requirements to be considered for admission to the traditional undergraduate program:
1. Have score of (145-164)-Pass/High School Equivalency or score of (165-174)-GED® College Ready or score of (175-200)-GED® College Ready Plus Credit.
2. Have a score of at least 1190 on the evidence-based critical reading and math sections of the SAT with at least 530 on each section of the SAT or corresponding converted scores from the ACT. A minimum ACT composite score of 24 will also be considered.