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Inside Front Cover
It is the policy of Mercer University to adhere to the rules and regulations, course offerings, and financial charges that are announced in the Catalog or in other Mercer University publications. The University, nevertheless, hereby gives notice that it reserves the right to withdraw any subject, to change its rules affecting the admission and retention of students or the granting of credit or degrees, or to alter its fees and other charges, whenever such changes are adjudged by it to be desirable or necessary. Attendance at Mercer University is a privilege that may be forfeited by anyone whose conduct is adjudged as inconsistent with the traditions, policies, and regulations of the University.
Note: A majority of student policies and resources can be found in the Mercer University Student Handbook and the University Catalog found at However, many academic programs and regional academic centers have additional information and policies pertaining to the specific population of students they serve. These resources, when taken as a whole, provide students with a basic understanding of the rights and responsibilities of Mercer students.
Students are encouraged to review these documents and to contact the Office of Student Affairs professional on their campus if they have any questions (see contact information for the various campuses in the University Student Handbook). Online copies will contain the most up to date versions of policies and supersede any printed copies should any discrepancies exist. These documents may be provided in an alternative format upon request.
This catalog is effective for students entering after May of 2020 and contains information and regulations pertaining to programs offered by the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, the School of Business, the School of Engineering, the College of Education, the School of Music, and the College of Health Professions. Other catalogs published by the University are listed below.
Cecil B. Day Campus
Regional Academic Centers
3001 Mercer University Drive
1501 Mercer University Drive
Atlanta, Georgia 30341
Macon, Georgia 31207
College of Pharmacy
School of Business
College of Nursing
College of Education
School of Business
College of Professional Advancement
School of Theology
College of Education
Walter F. George School of Law
College of Professional Advancement
1021 Georgia Avenue
College of Health Professions
Macon, Georgia 31201
Mercer University School of Medicine
1500 College Street
Macon, Georgia 31201
JULY 2020
NO. 1
The catalog of the Mercer University Macon Campus is published annually by Mercer University, 1501 Mercer University Drive, Macon, Georgia 31207. Fourth-class book rate paid at Macon, Georgia.
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