Mercer University
Office of Institutional Effectiveness - Institutional Research
Academic Profile - Fall 2021

Final Enrollment - Enrollment as of end of the day November 9, 2021

Total University

Counts by career, degree program, and college are duplicated.
Students pursuing more than one degree are given a headcount
in every career level, degree program, and college for which they have
a valid enrollment even if not registered in all programs for the term.
If the student is not registered in one of the programs for the term,
they are counted in the "Less Than Part-Time" column and do
not count in FTE calculations for that program.

FTE is calculated as follows:
Full-Time Students - FTE=1.0
Part-Time Students - FTE=Credits Attempted/Full-Time Load Equivalent
The full-time load equivalent varies by school, term, and program.
See individual school profiles for details
 HeadcountCreditsFTEFull-TimeLess Than Full-TimeFemaleMale
Fall 20219,033115,4218,244.07,1511,8826,0362,997
 HeadcountCreditsFTEFull-TimeLess Than Full-TimeFemaleMale
 HeadcountCreditsFTEFull-TimeLess Than Full-TimeFemaleMale
College of Education7956,902642.7415380670125
College of Health Professions6058,407586.856144475130
College of Liberal Arts and Sciences1,94128,3281,916.61,885561,307634
College of Nursing4576,262426.03748341047
College of Pharmacy4938,048492.04903353140
College of Professional Advancement1,41211,9441,079.46048081,181231
School of Business1,41615,6521,240.81,028388747669
School of Engineering73010,346697.666664245485
School of Law3695,652369.03690188181
School of Medicine65211,935647.56457380272
School of Music801,15176.17284337
School of Theology14495899.153918163
Unduplicated Counts by Location of Student's Primary Program
 HeadcountCreditsFTEFull-TimeLess Than Full-TimeFemaleMale
Atlanta Campus2,60929,9802,299.618597501,997612
Atlanta Center2212,008160.18913217744
Distance Learning1,1299,595879.7524605879250
Douglas County1251,271102.4745111114
Henry County3313,159269.017116029437
Macon Center1731,587141.31037010073
Macon Main3,46350,5643,413.433541091,9461,517
Medical School-Macon3255,707322.53214195130
School of Law3695,658369.03690188181