Mercer University
Office of Institutional Effectiveness - Institutional Research
Academic Profile - Spring 2021

Final Enrollment - Enrollment as of end of the day April 1, 2021
McAfee School of Theology

Counts by career, degree program, and college are duplicated.
Students pursuing more than one degree are given a headcount
in every career level, degree program, and college for which they have
a valid enrollment even if not registered in all programs for the term.
If the student is not registered in one of the programs for the term,
they are counted in the "Less Than Part-Time" column and do
not count in FTE calculations for that program.

As of Fall 2017, FTE is calculated as follows:
Full-Time Students - FTE=1.0
Part-Time Students - FTE=Credits Attempted/Full-Time Load Equivalent

Full-time load equivalennt is 6 for Doctor of Ministry Program and 9 for all other programs
 HeadcountCreditsFTEFull-TimeLess Than Full-TimeFemaleMale
School of Theology15686891.2491078175
 HeadcountCreditsFTEFull-TimeLess Than Full-TimeFemaleMale
Career LevelGraduate15686691.2491078175
Grade Level1st Year Graduate/Professional9254960.425674547
2nd Year Graduate/Professional2220219.0166148
3rd Year Graduate/Professional1210210.38484
Auditor - no credit260.00261115
Cross Registered Graduate/Professional13.30101
Special Non-Degree Graduate/Professional3101.10330
Registration Type *Graduate Level Continuing/Readmit13379483.246876865
Graduate Level New Degree-Seeking23728.03201310
DegreeDoctor of Ministry3811519.20381325
Master of Arts1912913.1613118
Master of Divinity6458054.243214024
Master of Theological Studies4232.60422
Non Degree Professional30131.40301416
Postbaccalaureate Certificate16.70110
* Registration Type - For fall profiles, new student counts include summer starters registered in the fall.
For all other terms, new student counts are term specific only
Student Headcount by Major(s)/Minor(s) offered by College/School
Total by Career Level and by Student Program Version Location
THE-GChristian Ministry110
Doctor of Ministry381325
Master of Arts18108
Master of Divinity644024
Master of Theological Studies422
Postbaccalaureate Certificate in Theological Studies110
Atlanta CampusTHE-GDoctor of Ministry381325
Master of Arts1376
Master of Divinity644024
Master of Theological Studies422
Postbaccalaureate Certificate in Theological Studies110
Distance LearningTHE-GChristian Ministry110
Master of Arts532